SuperBroom Advanced - NLJD

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The SuperBroom protects using the advanced technology of Non-Linear Junction Detection (NLJD).

This technology enables the SuperBroom to identify a comprehensive range of electronic devices, discriminating between malicious and naturally occurring signals.
With the ability to pinpoint a threat even when it is turned off, SuperBroom gives you peace of mind that no threat will breach your security.

Features and benefits

  • Audio and visual alerts show presence of electronic devices and strength of signal being returned
  • Detects electronic devices regardless of their state; active, dormant or switched off
  • Extendable lightweight search head – Approx 1kg for ease of use
  • Discriminates between electronic devices and innocent return signals
  • Variable output power up to 10W to increase target detection and penetration into different substrates
  • Features sophisticated signal processing to reduce false triggering
  • Automatic power adjustment to prevent saturation of targets and increases efficiency of battery consumption

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