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Sig-Net is an easy-to-use, hand-held detector that immediately alerts users to active radio transmitters.
Eavesdroppers can disguise radio transmitters as any everyday objects, from pens and watches to mobile phones. Such devices are easily taken into meetings, whether the carrier is aware or not. In such cases, when the eavesdropper has all the information required, the listening device leaves the room just as easily as it entered, without leaving a trace of evidence.
What is more, when external meetings take place it is unlikely that a detailed sweep will always occur before meetings. In a situation where confidential information is exchanged, it is vital that meeting areas are monitored for active radio transmissions.
Handheld, wall-mounted or freestanding, Sig-Net is ideal for protecting against active radio transmitter attacks between sweeps and during offsite meetings.

User Benefits

  • Quickly identifies and locates analogue and digital transmitters including mobile/cell phones
  • Burst transmission indicator to quickly identify threats as they become active
  • Easy to operate for non-technical users
  • Audio and flashing alarm options so that detection can be as discreet as the user chooses
  • Can be used handheld, wall mounted or free-standing making it suitable for a wide range of environments

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