Scanlock M3 - advanced system with cable checker

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Scanlock M3 Advanced TSCM counter surveillance system with Cable Checker Module.

The cable checker provides an Interface for the Scanlock M3 Advanced to allow it to monitor signals on the following cables:

  • RJ45 - Ethernet based devices, such as computers, Switches. Mux’s and IP phone systems.
  • RJ11 based phone system
  • Mains Sockets via a C14 Socket
  • An auxiliary BNC connector for either a flying crocodile Clip lead (supplied) or another BNC Device.


  • The Scanlock M3 is a practical and adaptable counter surveillance tool which can be used to meet a range of operational requirements.
  • Protection of meeting rooms against the threat posed by hidden surveillance devices
  • Suitable for desk mounted or hand-held use
  • To identify a wide range of transmission signals including GSM, DECT, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, UMTS and Video
  • Real time signal analysis allows fast reaction to identified threats
  • Can be used remotely via Ethernet connection to PC
  • Multi-lingual help facility for international use

Key Features

  • Wide frequency range up to 10 GHz
  • Dedicated detection for worldwide mobile phone communication bands.
  • Fast scan rate covers the whole spectrum in 0.5 seconds to detect even fast burst transmissions
  • Filtered detector channels increase the system’s performance
  • Displays range from simple on-screen warning to complex spectrum analysis making it suitable for every level of operator.
  • PC analysis software allows scan data to be stored and converted into sweep reports
  • Robust, light and ergonomically designed.


Technical Specification

Harmonic Receiver  
Frequency Range: Band 0: 12.8MHz to 2500MHz
Band 1: 2500MHz to 5000MHz
Band 2: 5000MHz to 7500MHz
Band 3: 7500MHz to 10000MHz
Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
Dynamic range: Better than 50dB
Broadband Detector  
Frequency range: 10MHz to 10GHz
Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
Dynamic range: Better than 50dB
ISM Band Detectors   
Frequency range: 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz bands
Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
Dynamic range: Better than 50dB
3G, GSM Detectors   
Frequency range: Various worldwide bands
Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
Dynamic range: Better than 50dB
Display: TFT 640 x 480 VGA LCD
Screen update: 2 x per second in surveillance mode, 5 x per second in locate mode
Main unit size: 270mm x 170mm x 80mm (W x D x H)
Main unit weight: 2.1kg
Antenna size: 260mm x 165mm x 60mm (W x D x H)
Antenna weight 0.9kg
Operating temperature: +5degC to +35degC, benign office environment
Unit USB for software upgrades, Ethernet interface 
Cable Checker RJ45, RJ11, C14, BNC
Battery operation: Basic unit minimum of 4 hours on internal battery
External PSU: External PSU 12v DC @ 4A, reverse polarity, overvoltage and over current protected
EU: EN300 440.1, EN301 489-3

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