Delta V Advanced - Radio (RF) Bug Detector

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  • Can be used to search walls, ceilings, furniture, soft furnishings such as curtains and clothes for the presence of radio (RF) bugs.
  • Searching people for any concealed radio (RF) bugging devices.
  • Ideal for locating radio (RF) bugs, basic RFI/EMC testing and localising illegal high-power broadcast transmitters.

Key Features

  • LED display to indicate signal strength and radio (RF) bug location.
  • Easy to operate for non-technical users.
  • 50MHz to 15GHz radio (RF) bug detection range.
  • Push-button sensitivity reduction to allow more accurate pinpointing of active radio (RF) bugging transmitters
  • Geiger output, from either headphones or speaker to indicate signal strength and location of radio (RF) bugging devices
  • Burst detection LED to indicate digital radio (RF) bugging signals e.g. DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM


Technical Specification

Frequency: 50 MHz to 15 GHz
Sensitivity: >- 44 dBm average
Dynamic Range: > 46dB
Detection Method: Differential Electromagnetic Field Measurement discriminating
in favour of local radio (RF) bugging transmitters
Alarm Indication: LED, audio and vibrate modes with Clear Function
Consumption: Quiescent 12mA, all LEDs On 26mA
Power Source: PP3 battery, 24 hours continuous operation
Audio: Geiger type ‘click’from internal speak or headphone
Visual: LED bar graph display to indicate signal strength and radio (RF) bug location
Size: 122mm x 62mm x 22mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 200g

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