Scanlock M3 - advanced system with 30GHz antenna

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Scanlock M3 Advanced TSCM counter surveillance system with 30GHz antenna.


  • The Scanlock M3 is a practical and adaptable counter surveillance tool which can be used to meet a range of operational requirements.
  • Protection of meeting rooms against the threat posed by hidden surveillance devices
  • Suitable for desk mounted or hand-held use
  • To identify a wide range of transmission signals including GSM, DECT, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, UMTS and Video
  • Real time signal analysis allows fast reaction to identified threats
  • Can be used remotely via Ethernet connection to PC
  • Multi-lingual help facility for international use

Key Features

  • Wide frequency range up to 10 GHz
  • Dedicated detection for worldwide mobile phone communication bands.
  • Fast scan rate covers the whole spectrum in 0.5 seconds to detect even fast burst transmissions
  • Filtered detector channels increase the system’s performance
  • Displays range from simple on-screen warning to complex spectrum analysis making it suitable for every level of operator.
  • PC analysis software allows scan data to be stored and converted into sweep reports
  • Robust, light and ergonomically designed.
  • Modular system (with 30GHz Antenna)


Technical Specification

Harmonic Receiver  
Frequency Range:

Band 0:12.8MHz to 2500MHz
Band 1: 2500MHz to 5000MHz
Band 2: 5000MHz to 7500MHz
Band 3: 7500MHz to 10000MHz

with 30GHz antenna;
Band 0: 10GHz to 12.5GHz and 27.5GHz to 30GHz
Band 1: 12.5GHz to 15GHz and 25GHz to 27.5GHz
Band 2: 15GHz to17.5GHz and 22.5GHz to 25GHz
Band 3: 17.5GHz to 22.5GHz

Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
Dynamic range: Better than 50dB
Broadband Detector  
Frequency range: 10MHz to 10GHz
Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
Dynamic range: Better than 50dB
ISM Band Detectors  
Frequency range: 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz bands
Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
Dynamic range: Better than 50dB
3G, GSM Detectors  
Frequency range: Various worldwide bands
Sensitivity: Better than -50dBm
Dynamic range: Better than 50dB
Display: TFT 640 x 480 VGA LCD
Screen update: 2 x per second in surveillance mode, 5 x per second in locate mode
Main unit size: 270mm x 170mm x 80mm (W x D x H)
Main unit weight: 2.1kg
Antenna size: 260mm x 165mm x 60mm (W x D x H)
Antenna weight 0.9kg
Operating temperature: +5degC to +35degC, benign office environment
Connectivity USB for software upgrades, Ethernet interface
Battery operation: Basic unit minimum of 4 hours on internal battery
External PSU: External PSU 12v DC @ 4A, reverse polarity, overvoltage and over current protected
EU: EN300 440.1, EN301 489-3

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