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  • Corporate buildings where there is a risk of intellectual property theft
  • Airports and transport hubs where it can enhance existing security measures to detect electronic and trigger devices
  • Prisons and other correctional facilities where the illicit importation of mobile phones represent a number of security threats
  • Factories and R&D facilities where there may be attempts to remove expensive or confidential electronic devices or components
  • Public buildings such as courts or police stations which may be at risk from listening devices

Key Features

  • Can be used to identify electronic devices even when they are switched off
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Covers a wide range of transmission frequencies
  • Comes complete with operating software.
  • Arch dimensions are 700mm in width and 1936mm in height
  • Powered by standard 110v to 240v AC current



Technical Specification

Frequency range: 867MMHz to 872MHz
Channels: 20
Frequency resolution: 250 kHz
Power: Variable, +10dBm to +40dBm
Modulation: Pulsed
Antenna: Circularly polarised patch, 4dBi
Frequency range: 1734MHz to 1744MHz, 2nd harmonic
2601MHz to 2616MHz, 3rd harmonic
Sensitivity: -130dBm (both harmonics)
Antenna: Circularly polarised patches, 3dBi
Unit MMI
Display: 4 x Red LED sector Indicators per side (8 total)
Audio: 1 x Integral Sounder per side (2 total)
Power: Universal mains input
Walk-through size: 700mm x 1936mm x 555mm
External size (including ramp): 1302mm x 2092mm x1609mm

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