App based counter surveillance systems

Written by: Barry Stephen, August 09, 2015 13:49

When we first started the development of our latest counter surveillance system we decided that the user interface would be implemented on a smart phone or tablet running our app.
This was done for a number of reasons; the modern look and feel an app would give us, the proliferation of the smart phone / tablet platforms and the embedded wireless remote connection from the platform to our system.
However the main reason was to allow the system to be rapidly and easily updated remotely with new features and detection algorithms.
This will allow us to keep our system on top of the latest surveillance threats and also allows us to respond rapidly to customer feedback, adding new features as required.
The resultant system is therefore easier for us to manage in the field and the customer will end up with a more future proofed and continually up to date system.
We have also embedded a WiFi sensor upload feature into our system as we recognise that field updates will be required to the system firmware as well as the app software.

e-Shield Personal will be our first offering in the app based counter surveillance arena.
The initial version of the app is currently being reviewed by the app store and includes analogue audio bug, GSM audio bug and analogue video bug detection capabilities.
Planned future versions will include bug locate modes and analysis capabilities for; 3G / 4G devices, WiFi devices, Bluetooth devices and other digital radio devices without the need for any hardware upgrades.
This approach allows customers to adopt the technology safe in the knowledge that their system will be kept seamlessly up to date and always ready to deal with the very latest of surveillance / eavesdropping threats.