The latest in radio bug detection

Written by: Barry Stephen, August 08, 2015 09:52

Exciting times as development of our first truly portable, pocket sized, counter surveillance system, e-Shield Personal, nears completion.
One of the many unique features of this system is the simple to use app based interface which can operate on any iOS / Android phone or tablet.
The app is based around a three stage traffic light approach which clearly indicates the eavesdropping threat level to the user.

The sensor itself comprises; a miniature wide-band up converting receiver module (which is capable of capturing, analyzing and demodulating radio signals up to 3GHz) coupled to a DSP platform (running multiple signal analysis and detection algorithms).
Interfacing between the sensor and the app is handled by our embedded WiFi communications platform which, not to be out done, also performs signal analysis as and when required.

This combination of fast, sensitive signal acquisition coupled with intelligent and powerful signal analysis allows the system to reliably and robustly identify surveillance threats that up until now would have required the interpretation of a technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) expert.

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