The summer period has been an extremely busy one for all Audiotel personnel. Over this period we have seen a number of delegations visit either the factory or the Corby area for meetings with our staff.

In early June our very good longstanding agent from Thailand Noparaj and his family were visiting the UK for a well-deserved holiday. The holiday was quite action packed with visits to Bristol, Leicester, York, Lake District, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, London amongst others to be fitted in over a two and a half week period. That said the company made the offer that Noporaj was most welcome to visit the factory with his son Pipat upon their travels. Noaraj did indeed make time to visit and meet a few of the team members in the organisation, this follows a number of orders that have been placed this year for both our SB10MD and Alfie equipment. Both Noparaj and Pipat left the factory extremely impressed with the facilities, equipment and people. One member of the team should be visiting Thailand in the near future to carry out training on the recent equipment purchased and we may even be part of the Ravens Challenge 2019. Noparaj and his family continued their visit to the rest of UK and were greatly impressed by the hospitality they received everywhere. Derran again would like to point out that Yorkshire would have been the best part of his trip…..

A few weeks after Noparaj’s family visited the factory, we were only too pleased to welcome Peter Carney and Max to the factory. They have been involved with several orders from Thailand and came on a whistle-stop tour of the UK to visit two businesses. In particular they came to have a good look at the range of Audiotel equipment and to receive a very quick overview of the SB10MD in action. They again left the business later in the day impressed with what they had seen and promised to push harder in liaison with Noparj over the equipment in their territory.

The region of China has long been excellent for Audiotel in particular Francis Fan of China Link and David Lieu of the Great Wall Company have worked long and tirelessly to encourage customers to buy Audiotel equipment. Over the last several months we have also been contacted by RC² who wish to work closely with Auiotel in a number of areas. This again included a recent visit by Winnie and Chris to Corby for a meeting with the Audiotel Team. Once again an in-depth overview of the pertinent products was given to both members of RC² along with other identified business opportunities. We hope that this is a start of a business relationship that will benefit both sides in the future.