Recent Visits

Over the last few months Audiotel representatives have been out and about worldwide. In particular in July two trips were organised to India to not only work closely with our long prestigious agents Rotax International Limited but to also visit current and potential new customers for Audiotel equipment.

Both trips took place during the recent world cup and as India is a cricket loving nation there was no surprise that cricket could be found on the big screens everywhere. Unfortunately one trip coincided with the England Football Teams recent exploits in the Nations League and as such our Managing Director made it his mission to find a live broadcast of their matches. This was no easy feat as football does not carry the same fan base as cricket. Indeed it is believed that when one sports bar was questioned about why the match was not being shown the response that it was not kicking off until 1.30 am and therefore would not finish at the earliest 3am did not deter our MD. We all know that the game had extra time and therefore the bleary eyed bar staff did not leave until nearer 4am there time…. This is quite surprising because at one point it had been pointed out to the Indian personnel working behind the bar that the Cricket World Cup was foregone conclusion as England would win (Derran would like to point out its due in most parts to Yorkshire men) and that Football was a far better game with a larger worldwide audience… Upon hearing all this we at Audiotel were surprised to see that both members of the team made it back unscathed.

The second trip was far less adventurous; it took place during an extremely hot spell with outside temperatures reaching 45°c which according to our Service Manager Derran Brown is just a slight increase over temperatures to be expected in his home county of Yorkshire. To quote temperatures in New Delhi were the equivalent of Scarborough on a cold summer’s day. We have come to realise that Derran’s opinion of Yorkshire compared to the rest of England appears to be somewhat biased.

Both trips to India have so far has been extremely successful, relationships between Rotax and Audiotel have been strengthened (including all the bar staff at the sports bar who had to be encouraged to stay open) and all customers that the Audiotel team met were very positive about both the equipment and the service that our agents provided. It is hoped that our business relationship continues to strengthen and the orders from India flow into the company.